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HOLISTIC HIV TREATMENT- Treatment of HIV Using holistic methods is Holistic HIV treatment. The Holistic HIV treatment has own directive rather than others. In this method the virus will be ousted out of body using strong bio-magnetic force and mean time by using herbal remedies to boost immune system of the patient for the speedy cure. Herbals will catalyze the action of Bio magnetic force by creating powerful medium of immunity enhancement in shortest possible time.

 What is Holistic HIV treatment meant for?- This treatment is a holistic treatment with A bio Magnetic Device and  herbal medicines. No side effects or chemicals in side. This s purely ethical and most successful treatment in HIV history. The Bio Magnetic Device is very simple to use as well as Medicines are very easy to use too. 

 What is the procedure of action of treatment?– Actually this Bio Magnetic Device will create a negative charge in human cells so that a bio magnetic field will be formed which will repel and push out all foreign bodies including HIV virus from body through excretion. Result will be cleaning of the body from virus etc. Herbal medicines will help that device for this.

What will be result-?-Soon after the Bio Magnetic Device  and  medicines start functioning your Body weight will be up and Viral count will come down while CD4 will be back to normal. All your secondary problems will go and you will be healthy again as normal as ever.

How can you know you are cured?-Your CD4 count will be normal and HIV Cultural test and P24 Antigen test will show there are no HIV viruses in body. So whole HIV Viruses will be ousted of the body. Your secondary problems will go you will get back weight and all will be good for you soon. This will indicate  you are cured of the disease. 

Is there any restrictions?– Listen there are small restrictions those any one can follow. No big issues in them. You can live nicer way to live longer. that is a fact. 


Stage1- Day 1St  TO 50 Days- This stage the action of HIV- viral RNA and several copies of reverse transcriptase will be stopped due to the negative charge of the cell- This action is like the anti-retrovirus action of Phospho nylmethoxyethyl. 

But the negative charge will virtually repel the negatively charged Glycoprotein -gp 120 protein- husk of the HI Virus type 1 and 2. This protein is being used by HIV to attach to CD4 And CD8- If the negative charged protein is repelled then   the HIV-Virus- will lose the grip on CD4 and CD8 – And due the repelling properties of this gp120 against the negative charged cell membrane HIV will lose its all attachments as well as resources to reproduce through CD4.

HIV then can’t complete the life cycle, so will be matured fast then will lose the momentum due to the break in the life cycle. They will be half dead as inactive. Then the continued negative charge will oust them through excretion. 

In other cases- all cell membranes will be negative- and will start to repel the HIV- Virus . In short the virus will never find a place to stay in body- Soon will be ousted out in half dead and immobilize  manner as its RNA will be destroyed  due to the delay in  process of reverse transcriptase  

Obviously one CD4 will never repel another CD4 or CD8 or other cells of body- As body as a protein called Interferon- The communication between cells will be done through that protein. So the repelling effect will be nullified. 

INDIA CASE STUDY- With in FIRST 50 days- we find 75% of virus will be immobilized- while with in next 30 TO 50  days other 25% virus also will be ousted out.- Case Tested in 10 fresh HIV cases (April to July- 2005 in India )- By Doctor R-kumar 

Stage2- 50 To 100 Days – The HIV- Will be ousted out completely from body- Then the Immune system will be restored- The damaged CD4 And CD8 cells will be dissolved and new CD4 or CD8 will be formed. Herbals are to be used for this- Mean time vital organs will be intact of the left over of the ultimate war between HIV and human immune system. 

AFTER 100 DAYS– After treatment is over- 100 days are over- The  Patient can be subjected to P24 Core protein Tests to find HIV Virus- Or Use HIV Culture tests to isolate virus- and can find them negative. 

Antibodies will continue in body -They will not be ousted and will show positive to antibody tests. Like Smallpox antibodies in human body, HIV- Antibody can also be seen even with out HIV-Virus- in that human body. In some cases (up to 80% cases) we find Antibodies are disappearing after a year or so. 

How The Patient will feel- After 30 days of use you can feel your general HIV symptoms are very much reduced. You will start to gain weight and also your lose motion or itching etc will be cured or very much reduced. And in 70 to 100 days all these symptoms will be completely gone.
After 70 days you feel your CD4 come up and up.. with more healthy CD4 and CD8 cells will replace the damaged cells ( In AVR therapy these cells will be damaged). You can check the CD4 count to understand how much you have progressed. 

After 100 days- Go and check the P24 Antigen core protein for HIV and will find NEGATIVE . Also can perform HIV Culture tests  that isolated HIV- Virus- and you will find that is negative or no HIV- Virus- you will find in the body. 

Through all these ways you can feel the effect of cure- You can feel how much you are cured and thing like that.  

After 100 days you can live like a normal man- NO AVR or any other medicines or treatment will be required then on words- You must not use AVR or any HIV related medicines while you take this treatment- That is a must.   

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